All services are customizable.
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Are you feeling stuck and unsure what steps to take next? Coaching can help you process your needs and figure out the action steps you can take to achieve your goals. BC Advising offers three different coaching plans that are customizable to meet your organization needs.  Whether you are just starting out, or trying to figure out what steps you need to grow, we work with any budget to help your organization advance its mission.

Efficiency Consulting

If you work in the nonprofit sector, you are familiar with wearing multiple hats. When you are in the weeds of fulfilling your mission, it becomes difficult to see how you can streamline processes. Efficiency consulting will help your team achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. Our team will provide a comprehensive evaluation to simplify your organization’s goals and empower positive change within your team. We will provide you with staffing gaps and structural strategies that will empower your organization to reach its goals and more efficiently work to achieve your mission.

Grant Consulting

Many nonprofits are not familiar with the process of how to obtain grant funding. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help you. Our team will evaluate your readiness to apply for grant funding and advise you on the steps you can take to secure grant funding.

Interim Leadership

Is your organization in need of restructuring, hiring assistance, or overall structural analysis? As someone who has both founded a nonprofit organization, and transitioned out of leading a nonprofit organization, I understand the challenges of transition. Whether you need someone to step into an interim leadership position, communicate with your board of directors, or aid in the facilitation of hiring and onboarding new leadership, I can help.

BC Advising sets competitive prices that are affordable to even the smallest organization.
Packages are always flexible and you will never pay for services that you do not need.